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Civic Type R FK8 Ducted Bumper Garnishes 2017 - 2021 (15 + sets in stock )


UPDATE April 8th 2022: ALL ORDERS HAVE BEEN FILLED FOR THE FIRST BATCH OF 20. If you decide to pre-order, your order will be for the next batch of 20 to be produced.

Pre-Order for Casale Design FK8 ducted front bumper garnishes.
Tooling molds are currently being produced.
Parts will not be available for 2-4 months (estimate, once I get more details I will update this ETA).

Only 20 orders will be available for this first batch order.
Material / Process: 2X2 Twill Carbon Fiber with fiberglass backing vacuum bagged with a gloss clearcoat finish. 1mm material thickness.

**If I do not get enough preorders to fill this initial order to cover costs, money will be refunded to all customers. **

Please note: these garnishes fit into the OEM bumper fascia and are trimmed to fit around the OEM front intercooler and it's brackets. The driver side garnish has more trimming than the passenger side due to the off-center fitment of the intercooler. These garnishes were not designed to work with any sensors. If you need/want these to work with sensors you will need to do that on your end. If this bothers you then consider this before choosing to order.

Due to the nature of composite parts and the complexity of the design, some minor trimming/sanding may be required. However these are to be of very high quality with many hours of R&D testing.

Shipping: A percentage of the shipping cost helps to cover the international DHL shipping to the USA: California, Los Angeles area (parts are made overseas), and another percentage of the amount is to cover shipping domestically to the customer. If you are planning local pickup in SoCal, please contact me and part of the shipping cost can be reduced.

International Shipping: Please contact us to find out shipping to your location before ordering.