Civic Coupe 2016-2020 Duckbill Spoiler FC3 FC4

$499.99 - $799.99

This duckbill spoiler is for the Honda Civic Coupe 2016-2020 Si and Non-Si models. (FC3 & FC4 Chassis). This spoiler can be ordered in either hand laid FRP (fiberglass) in white gelcoat, or in hand laid Carbon Fiber - Twill or Plain weave.

These are MADE to ORDER, and can take 2-4 weeks to produce in FRP - may take longer time for Carbon Fiber.

Mounting can either be done with adhesive of: double sided tape and or panel bond - OR you can mark and drill holes in the underside of the spoiler (see hole markings - for Si wing placement only) - you can drill these out and screw in screws into the spoiler which will have wood inside to hold the screw tightly. OR, you can drill and install riv nuts. However, keep in mind that if installing on a Si model, the holes on the trunk are threaded - which will make it hard to use a riv nut (you would have to thread through the trunk hole + the riv nut). The choice is yours. I recommend the adhesive method and or a mix of both adhesive and screws, if done correctly it will hold perfectly fine (no wax or grease !! ). '

Any questions before ordering please use the contact section and I will return your message promptly.

Pricing reflects current inflation of composite materials post pandemic and complexity of the part.

Current Stock: 1 FRP & 1 CF Plain Weave in stock as of 11/29/23